Free Digital Brand Audit​

We’ll review your online presence:

Local Search – Are you found?

  • Do you have a Google My Business profile and is it fully optimized?
  • Are you getting online reviews? Are they 5 stars? Are you responding?
  • Where do you rank on Google Search?

Meta Business Status

  • Do you have a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Threads?
  • How often are you sharing content?
  • How engaged are your customers?

Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Are you missing out on incremental sales?
  • Do you know which of your advertising spending is working and why?
  • What is your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)?
  • Is your website configured for retargeting, custom audiences, and conversion attribution?

Additional Services

  • Meta Business Suite Account Setup & Optimization
  • Google My Business Account Setup & Optimization
  • Google Ads (Search, Retargeting, YouTube, Display)
  • Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram Display, Carousel, Video, Product Catalog Ads)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console

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