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These free tools from Meta and Google use Artificial Intelligence to identify more of your best customers

Did you know both Meta and Google offer several free tools to help your business attract more customers on Facebook, Instagram and all over the Web? These tools give small business owners extremely powerful ways to generate more sales, reduce wasted ad spend, and increase ROAS. However, they can be somewhat complex to implement, often requiring coding skills and/or working with platforms like WordPress and Google Tag Manager. As a small business owner, you’re focused on running the business, not learning how to write code or configure APIs. That’s where MorganMAD comes in — we’re experts at advertising technology and we’ll do the heavy lifting so you can find more of your best customers.

Meta Events Manager

One of the most powerful tools is Meta Events Manager. With Events Manager, you can install code on your website that tracks when a lead or a sale originated from a Facebook or Instagram ad. You can even upload offline (in-person) sales and Meta will match customers that saw your ads. Given enough data, Meta will find other prospective customers who “look like” your current customers. People who have similar likes, interests, and purchase behaviors. You can then run ad campaigns targeting that “lookalike” audience, knowing that they are much more likely to become new customers.

Meta Audience Manager

This is where you create custom audiences. For example, create an audience composed of your current customers to entice them to follow your social presence or make another online or in-store purchase. You can even exclude your current customers from campaigns, because sometimes it doesn’t make sense to “preach to the converted.” This can help increase your ROAS by eliminating wasted ad spend. The best way to prospect for new customers is to use “lookalike” audiences — people who have similar likes, interests and purchase behaviors as your current customers. In traditional sales terms, Meta is providing warm leads for you to close.

Meta Business Suite

Meta Business Suite is where you manage all of Meta’s tools for business growth. Know you’ll have an upcoming sale or promotion? Schedule Facebook and Instagram posts weeks in the future so you can focus on what the business needs today. Want to know which content is resonating most with your followers? Facebook Insights shows you what’s getting the most engagement and clicks. Upload your inventory and sell directly from Facebook and Instagram.

Google Remarketing

Google Ads remarketing is a powerful tool that allows you to stay top-of-mind with potential customers who have already visited your website. Imagine a visitor who browsed your selection of stylish sneakers but didn’t quite pull the trigger on a purchase. With remarketing, you can show them targeted ads for those same sneakers while they’re scrolling through their Facebook feed, watching YouTube videos, or reading their favorite blog. This gentle reminder can be just the nudge they need to come back and complete their purchase.

These free guides provide all the information you need to start using these powerful advertising technologies to grow your business:

However, if you’re like most small business owners, you don’t have the hundreds of hours required to learn this stuff, nor the technical expertise to implement and manage these solutions. If you just want it done, and done right, contact us today.

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